About Us

Nigitrade International Company Limited is prime construction organization in Nigeria. With vast expertise for completing many complex projects around the Niger Delta Coastal region.. Nigitrade has been employed by over numerous muti - national clients over the years in offshore and onshore engineering. Nigitrade provides construction and engineering services to industry and government entities in Nigeria, specializing in highly complex engineering, procurement and construction projects for clients in remote and challenging locations. Nigitrade undertakes both commercial initiative on a large and medium scale with a delivery solutions that cater to the needs of each customer. From concept through commissioning and turnover we focus all of our efforts on the final delivery of our customer's projects - the result is a high value facility that meets your business needs.

Nigitrade delivers engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions in all kinds of regions under some of the most demanding conditions. When customers have difficult EPC challenges, they count on Nigitrade to deliver.

Our EPC expertise can successfully execute challenging projects in the areas of power and industrial, infrastructure, downstream and upstream markets, oil and gas and construction engineering covering all areas of Industrial fabrication associated with onshore, coastal and offshore locations. We are also actively involved in asset development, ownership and operations as an extension of our construction and engineering services.

Nigitrade provides project management, engineering, and material procurement services to the oil, gas and power industries . The Company specializes in providing engineering services to assist clients in constructing or expanding offshore construction systems, compressor stations, pump stations, fuel storage facilities, and field gathering and production facilities. The Company also focuses on project management, multiple project program management, turn-key EPC projects, midstream solutions and government work, including building, owning and operating (“BOO”) fueling facilities throughout Nigeria.

Over the years, the Company has developed expertise in addressing the unique engineering challenges involved with the offshore and onshore systems and associated facilities to be installed where climatic conditions are extreme, areas where environmentally sensitive terrain must be crossed, and where fluids which present extreme health hazards or which present technical challenges regarding the selection of materials for fluid/gas conveyance must be transported. These services are furnished to a number of oil, gas, power and government clients on a stand-alone basis and are also provided as part of EPC contracts.

Nigitrade provides its services through an engineering office in Warri Metropolis through a large fleet of company-owned and leased equipments. Nigitrade has a subsisting Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) with a frontline Italian EPC Company, Bentini SpA., overtime, developing capacities, system and processes with which it uses to mobilize within a very short period, projects-tested, time- competent technical, management and administrative personnel and assorted craft labour and to fully organize them into full-fledged integrated project teams that can readily be deployed to execute a variety of small or large scale projects.